June 16, 2023
by Delaney

Healthy Aging with TCM

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) help our health in various ways, such as preventative, recovery, relieving pain, balancing our immune system, and activating the body to naturally heal itself from the inside and out.

In addition, there are many symptoms many individuals experience when it comes to aging. No matter what, health and wellness play a major role in one’s life. Studies have shown the effectiveness of how acupuncture treats common diseases through healing and rejuvenation, leading toward longevity.

Even though health and wellness impact our health in many ways, we cannot change our genetics, but we can change how we live to extend and improve the quality of our life.




Our acupuncturists will identify behaviors and determine why symptoms appear in your health. Continuing to make small, consistent changes to create healthy behaviors will lead you toward achieving higher levels of health.


Helpful Tips for Greater Health


You may think, I have been dealing with an illness for years, and my body is already damaged. Can acupuncture help me with my disease?

Chronic diseases are prone to be more difficult than preventing the illness from occurring in the first place, but acupuncture has so many health benefits that this medicine can improve your quality of life. Progress may be slow, but results, in the end, will have you feeling more connected to your body, and you will be able to take control of your health.

   1. Manage Stress Levels

Stressors are a part of our daily lives, but if left unmanaged, stress can lead to health issues down the road. Acupuncture is beneficial in relieving daily stressors and promotes relaxation. Recommended ways to alleviate stress are meditation, talk therapy, acupuncture, deep-breathing, mindfulness, and movement exercises. 

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   2. Ensure to Have a Good Sleep Schedule 

Acupuncture helps ensure the body is balanced and stimulated, promoting individuals to fall asleep, stay asleep, and have the greatest sleep quality. Heading to bed at the right time is necessary to optimize your health. Patients get the highest quality of sleep between 10 pm to 2 am because our bodies align with our internal clocks or rhythms. 

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   3. Address Health Concerns Early: Don't Wait! 

Chronic diseases are the leading causes of death. It is essential to take preventative steps in your health rather than interventions. Start being aware of your body and recognize signals when someone is wrong. Think about it this way, if you notice something, remember the warnings as traffic lights. Many diseases can be reversed and cured easily if health professionals catch them early rather than later. Become proactive about your health!

  4. Incorporate Exercise into Your Weekly Routine 

Regular exercise, such as walking, stretching, and strength training, will benefit mental, physical, and emotional health. Taking preventative health measures will lead to a healthy, sustainable life. Our bodies are designed to thrive, and when the body speaks with symptoms, that means the body is out of balance. Movement and range of motion activities will change your lifestyle by making you feel more energetic, vibrant, and healthy.

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  5. Have a Good Diet

High-quality foods are important for our bodies. Think about it this way, “Your body is your temple”! Foods that create inflammation are processed meals, dairy, white flour, refined sugars, and alcohol. The purpose of having a good diet is not to be in a “restrictive sense” but to have well-balanced meals towards making healthier choices to honor your body. During treatments, our acupuncturists will recommend essential foods to help with your condition.

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 6. Practice Self-Care 

Not taking the time to care for yourself and reduce stress may impact your health. Self-care is significantly vital for our bodies because self-care routines clinically have proven to eliminate anxiety, enhance concentration, minimize anger, and increase happiness. Self-care can improve our physical health, emotional health, self-esteem, lead to better relationships, and more.

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Health Benefits of Acupuncture for Healthy Aging 


  • - Reduce inflammation and helps with arthritis 
  • - Improve circulation and respiratory system health 
  • - Eases back pains 
  • - Promotes good sleep 
  • - Aids in digestive health 
  • - Reduces stress
  • - Enhances emotional & mental health
  • - Improves bone health
  • - Decreases blood pressure