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Your wellness goals are attainable and we are here to support you in your journey to optimal health! Our commitment is to the health and wellness of our patients and our community!

Above, you will find the areas in which we specialize in and, most commonly, treat at our clinic. We also, however, address and treat the full scope of health and wellness concerns that may arise throughout your lifetime!

Once your health/wellness needs are determined you will be given a plan that will include Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine among other Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities in order for you to achieve optimal health!

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How Acupuncture Connections Works

Acupuncturist / Founder

The first step is for you to meet with Robert Yauckoes, LicAc to speak about your specific needs and how Chinese medicine can help to bring you to a higher level of health.

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Our Specialists

You will have a plan of care that you will meet and be treated by different members our team.

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We make scheduling easy! You can either book by email, by phone or by an app on your phone.

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Robert Yauckoes

Acupuncturist / Founder

I am excited to meet you and introduce you to a powerful medicine that can shift the way you look at you and your family’s health and ultimately the way you live. The changes you will experience in yourself can be subtle or dramatic but they can impact every aspect of your life when you start to feel like the self you remember. I am passionate about this medicine and after years of practice, I can say this Chinese medicine is a catalyst for a change in your life and will shift you, it will empower you to make positive changes that results in healthier and happier you.

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Our Services

What We Can Offer You


Stimulates and reteaches the nervous system how to work optimal to heal and optimize itself.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine can be used as a stand alone therapy or in conjunction with other therapies. It is a powerful way to strengthen weaknesses of the body and return proper function to the body systems.

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Kids Acupuncture and herbal medicine

Gentle and effective and is a great way to avoid antibiotics and strengthen growing bodies.

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Loosens muscles, encourages blood flow, and sedate the nervous system.

Our Team

Meet our group of talented team members, click their bio to learn more about their areas of expertise and what inspires them to strive everyday!

Robert Yauckoes

Acupuncturist / Herbalist / Director

Angela Lin

Licensed Acupuncturist / Herbalist

Delaney Orsorio

Office Manager / Administrator

Robert Bickely

Licensed Massage Therapist

What We Treat

We treat a myriad of conditions but our goal is to keep you healthy so you live and age well.

We are passionate about pain management, sports medicine, auto immune issues, emotional imbalances, hormone regulation (aka a woman’s lifecycle) and wellness of course.

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Our Happy Patient

Came with lower back and leg issues. In session 5 and seeing pain removed and far more flexibility


The staff are knowledgeable and make you feel welcome. The results of my treatment are nothing short of a miracle. Fifteens years ago I had a construction accident and broke 26 bones. After many operations, I was able to function normally. The last 10 years my mobility started to decline, after two more surgeries I wasn't moving any better. A friend advise to try acupuncture, being skeptical as I am, I went to Acupuncture Connnections and was going for treatment. I was amazed how fast the results were happening, I would love to tell you I'm pain free, but not yet! I'm moving with much less pain and I'm getting my strength back. Truly grateful to my friend and Acupuncture Connections. Thank you Alan


For years I have suffered with back pain and decided to give accupuncture a whirl. My everyday life has changed tremendously. I have my life "back" big thanks to Robert and Angela!!

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