December 26, 2022
by Delaney

How To Manifest Health and The Power of Healing


Can’t you believe it, with 2022 coming to a close, this is the most excellent time to reflect on what changes we can make to improve our lives. So often, we are stuck in the past or too zoned into the future, which can cause us to be dissociated.

Many people are afraid of changes and making small steps because change outcomes are unknown and can be confusing. Therefore people will continue to live their lives without taking the time to take care of themselves or finding ways to improve their livelihood. It is essential to take small actions towards our health for longevity to improve our bodies from the inside and out.


What is Manifestation? 

Manifestation focuses on bringing something tangible into reality through belief and attraction. For example, instead of saying, “I want to be healthy,” say, “ I will be healthy".

What is Mindfulness? 

Mindfulness is the state where we are more aware of the present moment, basically being aware of where we are and what are we doing. Mindfulness helps many people cope better with their feelings, managing stress, and having the ability to relax without any judgement. 

No matter what, manifesting optimal health are great steps towards a long sustainable life and lifestyle. Focusing on improving our health, taking small steps, along with regular acupuncture appointments can help you stay on track to be healthy and stay healthy.


Why is it Important To Improve Our Health With Acupuncture?


Think about this way….our bodies are mean’t to thrive and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) helps your body restore its healthy function naturally. Adding acupuncture in your life is a game changer because not only does acupuncture help in multiple of ways towards a better, healthier life, you have a sense of understanding and more awareness towards your health.


Ways Acupuncture Helps With Our Bodies:

  1. Inflammation
  2. Pain Relief
  3. Relaxation
  4. Prevention
  5. Immune Support
  6. Better Energy
  7. Healthy Digestion
  8. Boost in Mood
  9. General Wellbeing


Acupuncture Connections greatly emphasis the importance of slowly down and focusing on self-care. With busy schedules, taking care of families, school curriculums, work, etc., self-care can be challenging. Taking time for ourselves and reflecting on the need of selfcare, will have positive profound impacts on your quality of life and health. 


What Are Ways To Manifest And Practice Mindfulness?

If you are looking for better health overall, then keep on reading and start taking advantage on ways to improve our lives.

    1. Start by being clear on what you want..

Simple as it sounds, this can be challenging to many people. What are some specific goals you would like to achieve? What does health and healing mean to you? Being clear on what you want will help you lead you towards your goals!

    2. Manifesting works if there is belief & attraction.

It is very important to have trust and faith that anything is possible..seriously! If you do not believe in good health or healing in your life then most likely nothing will happen because you are not manifesting correctly.

   3. Take a moment each day to practice mindfulness.

Take a break during the day and pause, bring your attention towards yourself and think of ways you are grateful. For example, think about the food you had ate for lunch and reflect on the ingredients used in the meal to nourish your body or having the ability to drink clean water and experiencing that you have access to clean water. It is ok to soak in life sometimes!

  4. Stop negative thinking and beliefs!

If you often find yourself as negative nancy then it is important to remove all negative beliefs about health and manifesting. Believe it or not, negative beliefs can hold you back from what you want from manifesting. Let’s change your subconscious mind from thinking you are incapable of healing. Start with reminding yourself by saying, “My body is my temple”, “I deserve to be happy and healthy”, “I am healthy and will be healthy”.

 5. Take action and start taking advantage of small steps towards your health.

Taking small steps towards your health with utilmately help you in the long run. Ways to start taking small steps is to evaluate health habits or current patterns you are doing with your health.

  • -Change sleep schedules
  • -Eat high-quality foods
  • -Get some movement and start stretching
  • -Prioritize self-care
  • -Start optimal thinking
  • -Add acupuncture in your schedule


Our goal is to empower you to start manifesting and take action on ourselves. Our health is very important and being patient within healing processes. We, us, have the POWER to make a difference towards improving our lives and taking steps to make changes in our health to live a long sustainable life. Manifestation is a very powerful tool that can be used to create a life you want and not only does manifestation improves our lives, it improves our in our friends/family because when you are happier, healthier, the more you can be around your loves ones you care about.

Visiting Acupuncture Connections, our Acupuncturists will focus on you and your health goals. The whole process of routine sessions will help keep your body from having imbalances and elevate your health goals by prolonging the success of your health journey.