May 10, 2023
by Delaney

Moving Freely: Using Range of Motion Exercises to Enhance Your Quality of Life

Did you know that regular exercises such as walking, stretching, and strength training benefit mental, physical, and emotional health?

Most people have gym memberships but don’t even go because when they are at the gym, they will only do exercises they are good at or do not push themselves first when it comes to “working out.”

Movement is not a competition; it's all about taking preventative steps to our health to live a healthy, sustainable life. Our bodies are designed to thrive, and when the body speaks with symptoms, that means the body is out of balance. From a TCM perspective, acupuncture helps restore the body to its healthy function so that you can achieve higher levels of health. 

Over-exercising or training can lead to various health concerns, such as fatigue, illness, change in appetite, reduced performance, and increased probability of injuries. Too much vigorous exercise can be problematic because too much sweating/perspiring during the summer months can deplete our body's energy. 

We recommend doing movement exercises during the coolest part of the day:

Early mornings 5 am - 9 am (When the sun rises)

Afternoon 4 pm - 6 pm (When the sun sets)


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The Importance of Regular Movement & Range of Motion Activities


Even though acupuncture is great for alleviating pain, reducing inflammation, improving blood circulation, boosting musculoskeletal tones, and bringing the body back to balance, it is critical to incorporate regular movement into our daily lives for longevity.

Health benefits of combining acupuncture & physical activities:

  • - Increase range of motion
  • - Less inflammation and swelling 
  • - Promotes natural healing from the inside/out
  • - Better pain relief 
  • - More energy
  • - Improved mood
  • - Decrease the risk of injuries
  • - Increase muscle strength
  • - Decrease muscle/tendon tightness
  • - Less reliance on pain medication to manage symptoms 
  • - Improved capability to do more physical movements/activities due to pain reduction
  • - Better quality of life overall 


Did you know that the truth is that lifestyle choices can impact our health, potentially leading to chronic diseases if not closely paid attention to? 

Movement and range of motion activities will change your lifestyle by making you feel more energetic, vibrant, and healthy.


Types of Exercises Recommended


Stretching: Adding daily stretches is extremely beneficial for your health. Stretching regularly will help you stay flexible and move better as you age. Suggested 2-3 times per week.

Brisk walking: Modern-intensity walking for at least 20 mins is beneficial 3-4 times per week. Walking helps circulate blood flow, rebuild joints, and promotes healing. Plus, walking outdoors is a bonus because being exposed naturally to the outdoors will enhance your mood! 

Strength Training: Doesn’t matter what age you are, but coordinated strength training has many health benefits, such as increasing metabolic rates, improving balance, promotes muscular strength and power. Doing strength training exercises at least 2 times per week is suggested.