September 15, 2023
by Delaney

The Art of Letting Go and The Autumn Season

Trust me, I am bummed out that summer vacation is over and hot weather will be over soon, but did you know that acupuncture can bring your body into harmony with each season

Due to climate change, dryness dominates in Autumn and impacts our lungs. Our mouth, throat, eyes, and skin will feel drier, and also easier to catch a common cold. In addition, daylight time will shorten, and we will feel more anxious and depressed. In the Fall season, we should have less spicy, fried, and greasy food, and eat more white color and acidic food. Since the Autumn Equinox balances your body by aligning the yin and yang with our lungs and large intestines, it's essential to have regular acupuncture visits to avoid the wave of colds and allergies that brew during the fall/winter cold months. 

Multiple families are prone to becoming sick during the back-to-school season and getting back into work routines. Being prepared and staying connected with the rhythms of seasons can significantly provide health benefits toward well-being.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Autumn is the season to: 

  • - Build the immune system
  • - Strengthen the body 
  • - Heal the lungs and large intestines
  • - Help with mental health
  • - Decrease repetitive thinking
  • - Ease depression and emotional health
  • - Restore luster and brilliance to your body and mind
  • - Help release and let go of little things 
  • - Revitalize energy 
  • - Promote sleep


Here is a list of foods and supplements we recommend to support the lungs and large intestine:

Lung Support

  • - Cauliflower
  • - Almonds 
  • - Pears 
  • - Yuca 
  • - White beans or navy beans
  • - Maitake mushrooms
  • - Cinnamon
  • - Ginger
  • - Peppermint
  • - Garlic, onions, scallions


Large intestine Support 

  • - Flax seeds 
  • - Dried fruits (trail mix)
  • - Oatmeal 
  • - Chia seeds 
  • - Probiotics 
  • - Omega 3 fatty oils 
  • - Magnesium Glycinate or Citrate 
  • - Warm water and lemon 
  • - Parsnips
  • - Barley
  • - Miso
  • - Sesame Seeds
  • - Bok Choy


Phlegm Support 

  • - Eliminate dairy, sugar, and wheat 
  • - Mustard Greens 
  • - Dandelion leaves 
  • - Eucalyptus essential oil 
  • - Saline nasal spray


Tips for letting go and releasing old baggage

  • - Create affirmations 
  • - Practice patience and mindfulness 
  • - Take out a notebook and write down your thoughts/experiences each day
  • - Practice deep breathing 
  • - Practice through the state of mind by focusing on the present through gratitude
  • - Listen to podcasts 
  • - Take some time to talk with friends and family
  • - Spend time exercising 
  • - Practice mediation 
  • - Engage in self-care routines, slow down, and be in tune with yourself 
  • - Seek professional help if needed 
  • - Get acupuncture


Acupressure to prepare your body for the fall season

Use your hands and finger tips to stimulate by applying pressure to these acupressure points to stay balanced at home.

LI4: Use your fingers and apply pressure (3 times, for 20 seconds) right next to your metacarpal bone in between your pointer finger and thumb... (DO NOT USE THIS POINT IF YOU ARE PREGNANT)

This point supports the following:

  • immunity 
  • nasal construction
  • prevents headaches


PC6: Use your own hands (about 2 - 3 inches) above the wrist and apply pressure (3 times, for 20 seconds)

This point supports the following:

  • eases anxiety & emotions 
  • nausea/vomiting
  • insomnia


ST36: Start from the knee and run your fingers down about 3 inches and apply pressure (3 times, for 20 seconds)

This point supports the following:

  • eases indigestion 
  • constipation/diarrhea
  • lung health


Committing and letting go of old baggage and releasing whatever is holding you back can bring more awareness to your body by recognizing that our bodies need to heal from the inside out. 

Staying tuned with the seasons, such as the fall, will support your body, and it's encouraged to have your acupuncture treatments to continue the progress we have made to prepare you for the seasons. Stopping visits may bring new or more symptoms.