July 10, 2023
by Delaney

Posture – Why Does it Matter?

Did you know that posture is often overlooked as a health concern? 

The reason posture is overlooked is because when we think of posture, it may not be the first thing we think of when it comes to improving our health or well-being.

The importance of having a good posture is beneficial for your healing journey. Our practitioners and health professionals emphasize critical reasons why poor posture can lead to imbalances in your health. Good posture helps the body maintain correct form while exercising, keeping balance, strengthening your abilities, and results in fewer injuries.


Poor Posture Physical Impacts Include:


  • - Decreased range of motion, musculoskeletal imbalances 
  • - Decreased organ function 
  • - Digestive issues
  • - Breathing difficulties
  • - Spinal dysfunction
  • - Muscle pain & tension
  • - Back pain 
  • - Knee pain 
  • - Hip pain
  • - Headaches
  • - Poor brain performance
  • - Fatigue


But the good news is that posture can be prevented until poor posture impacts your health. Adding acupuncture and implementing exercise in your weekly routine will open more opportunities to thrive, leading toward a healthier, sustainable life. 


Common Body Posture Mistakes


  • - Crossing legs
  • - Bending over to lift heavy objects
  • - Straining your neck when using phones or computers
  • - Awkward sleeping positions 
  • - Laying down for extended periods, such as working on the coach for work
  • - Not moving enough
  • - Hunching your shoulders
  • - Sitting for long periods of time
  • - Not using core muscles
  • - Minimal or no stretching throughout the day
  • - Skipping strength and flexibility exercises


Tips to Address Posture


Crossing legs

This position may be comfortable for many but crossing legs leads to increasing pressure on the legs causing muscles and the spine to be tight. If you find yourself crossing your legs, try sitting with your knees pointed slightly upward and ensure your feet are flat on the floor. 


Stiff neck

This position is caused by having our necks angled downwards for long periods of time. It is recommended to raise your monitor or phone closer to eye level. Throughout the day, its critical every 20 minutes to take a break and stretch out your back. 

Stand straight and stretch your back upwards and downwards like an arch. Do some downward and forward head position by pulling your shoulders down and back which will increase neck mobility. 


Lifting heavy objects

It is prone for us to just bend over with our backs to lift heavy objects. However, lifting with your back along with straight knees can lead to chronic pain and back issues. It is vital to lift objects or heavy products with our knee bent like squatting being as close as possible to the object. 


Awkward sleeping positions

Each and every person sleeps differently such as stomach, side, back, one leg raised up sleepers. However, sleeping on the stomach causes the body to have internal pressure on our organs, less blood circulation, and making breathing difficult. Falling asleep with the tv on or on the phone for a long period of time will put strains on your neck and back. 

Try sleeping on your side, will leave our backs not compressed causing no/less pain. Try to prevent your body to curve when you are sleeping. It is recommended to sleep with a pillow or blanket in between your knees to help with lower back pain


Laying or sitting on a coach for long periods of time

When reclining on a coach, it seems a relaxed position but continue to recline in the sofa will lead to muscle damage. Having the laptop or smart device on your lap leads you to be in a bent position. Ideally, sit upright with your spine and head aligned, while your feet is flat on the ground. 


Hunched shoulders

If you are experiencing rounded shoulders, it is recommended to train your shoulders by checking your posture in a mirror. Roll your shoulders back every 20 minutes to keep your back and neck straight. To fix this issue, strengthen your shoulder muscles by squeezing your shoulder blades together periodically which will lead to an improved posture, less pain, decrease muscle spasms, and tension. 


Need more ways to improve posture? Check these out






Recommended Total Body Movement


We suggest trying our best recommendation, GMB Fitness! This program is great because it allows you to access endless guided sessions that help you increase your range of motion, build strength, flexibility, and decrease dysfunction. 

In no time, you will see results on moving better and more confidently in your life. Our practitioners will help you find the right programs to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.