July 5, 2022
by Delaney

Wellness – What is Wellness? How Can Wellness Help With My Health? How Can I Understand My Own Wellness Care?

When it comes to wellness, many people at younger ages do not pay attention to their health until they are older. If you think about it, poor health does not happen overnight but generally progresses due to multiple components. Imbalances happen gradually (sometimes over years), and we often don’t notice this subtle progression until symptoms are unmanageable. At first, the body starts to whisper, talks, and then eventually goes on strike with symptoms when there are significant imbalances.

Wellness is often confused with the terms, happiness, and well-being but it is critical to understand the difference between the two because wellness concentrates on the active process of being aware and making the right choices that leads to positive health outcomes of wellbeing. Even though there are many ways for individuals to improve their wellness, it is important to learn what is wellness, how wellness impacts you, and how to truly understand your health. 




Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits to attain better physical, emotional, and mental health outcomes. Understanding when our body speaks to us is very important for wellness! 




During this time, you will not recognize or notice symptoms. You most likely will have zero concern for medical attention but holding off can cause your body to talk meaning symptoms we experience. When things become more difficult to do daily activities, then it is time to truly slow down and take a moment to understand your symptoms. This is similar to the example of your car brakes, you may begin to hear an occasional squeak and you hope that it will go away on its own so you don’t have to take the time out of your schedule to bring it to the mechanic. This may or may not be the case with your health but it’s good to note what your body is saying and stay on top of your health. 




During this time, you will have episodes of pain and your symptoms are now impacting your daily routine. You may make a doctor’s appointment because you start to become worried about what is going on and do not think the problem will go away on its own. 




We all have experienced this at one time or another in our lives. We are now in discomfort that we can no longer prolong paying attention to our bodies. We make appointments with our primary care providers and we seek out health care providers to help us to heal and get us out of the uncomfortable situation that we are in now. For many, this is where the imbalances in the body are extreme that the body cannot correct itself on its own, and medicine and/or acupuncture therapy are needed to correct the underlying causes that are not allowing the body to heal on its own. 


Going on a strike


Your symptoms will be extremely painful and your body has reached a point of breaking down. Your body will reduce, restrict, and limit daily routine functions. Then symptoms will become more frequent or debilitating. During this time you will have to seek immediate attention for your medical problem. We all know what this is… this is a heart attack or the dreaded cancer diagnosis, the worst-case scenario. 


Important Tips For Optimizing Your Wellness


  • Take some time for yourself to reduce stress

  • Practice self-care routines


Did you know that taking some time to reflect and unwind with self-care duties can relieve stress, anxiety, and many more symptoms? Believe it or not, how our bodies work is that there is a mind-body integrated approach to our health that works together like a dynamic loop, where emotions can have an impact.


  • Meditate


  • Break bad habits

The top three bad habits to break from are smoking, consumption of processed foods, and alcohol. Consumption of fast foods and processed foods are high in sugar, loaded with carbohydrates, and have unhealthy fats which can lead to health problems. Drinking large amounts of alcohol for many years can take a significant toll on your body's organs and can lead to other diseases or illnesses. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol weakens the immune system and can have a negative impact on healing. Therefore, smoking has multiple many effects on our bodies such as physical endurance, appearance, immune system, and more.


  • Change your sleep schedule


Are you heading to bed at the right time? Developing a bedtime routine can be difficult but it is important to understand that having a routine can help trigger the release of sleep hormones by allowing our bodies to take a moment to release the mind and body tensions that built up throughout our busy days.


  • Take 1 hour each day by taking advantage of outside


Studies have shown that a large body of evidence supports that spending time in nature is responsible for any measurable beneficial changes in the body. Patients will exhibit changes in their health such as reduced blood pressure, stronger immune system, protection against cancer-fighting cells, relieves stress & many more benefits.


Therefore being proactive instead of reactive with your wellness journey can significantly enhance your quality of life, the prevention of diseases or illnesses, and maximize your wellbeing. Taking full responsibility for our health is a great way to live a long and happy life! Integrating acupuncture into our daily lives has demonstrated significant positive results from targeting points throughout the body based on each specific location and indication.

Acupuncture stimulates the body’s nervous system, which affects physiological processes within our bodies by uncovering the root of problems and not only the symptoms we experience. Acupuncture is very beneficial and effective in many ways because it relies on patients’ natural ability to heal. For example, unlike medications and other procedures, acupuncture does not interrupt the body’s natural healing but actually works along with the body to restore balance and make you feel great again! 



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