November 3, 2023
by Delaney

Transition with TCM: Stay Warm This Winter

As the days get shorter and darker, preparing our bodies for the winter months is essential. During this time, staying warm and preparing the body for winter is deeply grounded with balance and harmony within our health. 

Winter is considered a time of cold and darkness, which is crucial to focus on activating the warm, active, vital aspect of our well-being. From a Chinese medicine perspective, maintaining warmth throughout the cold months will make your health balanced and have good fundamentals of a sustainable life.


Healthy Tips for This Winter

  • - Warm foods
  • - Proper clothing
  • - Herbal Remedies
  • - Get Acupuncture
  • - Incorporate self-reflection
  • - Practice deep-breathing
  • - Drink water, lots of fluids
  • - Stay away from processed sugars that make you sluggish and cause phlegm
  • - Get some rest


Recommended Products

Digestive Harmony

This herbal blend is a powerful yet, great solution for balancing the stomach by enhancing gut happiness when we over indulge. Having these products during the holiday season will sooth your digestive health by giving you the strength you need.

Emotional Balance

Try this recommended herbal blend to help reduce stress, bring calmness, and eliminate built-up energies that cause you to hold back. The tasty product helps smooth irritated nerves, making each day positive.

The benefits of this product are unique and will have you feeling refreshed by managing stress. As we all know, life is never easy and a never-ending battle; having these pouches is great for on-the-go, as-needed basis.

Immunity Support

This herbal blend protects and prevents your body from airborne pathogens. The effects of taking this product will leave you feeling strong and revitalized to keep you healthy and doing what you do best.

Warm Healthy Foods

  • - Root vegetables
  • - Carrots
  • - Squash
  • - Black Beans
  • - Kidney beans
  • - Dark leafy vegetables
  • - Sweet potatoes
  • - Beef
  • - Lamb
  • - Duck
  • - Chicken 
  • - Garlic
  • -Onions
  • - Cloves
  • - Nutmeg 
  • - Celery
  • - Pears
  • - Cabbage & many more


Acupressure Points To Start The Day Off Right


Stomach 36-Zu Li (leg three miles)

Stimulation on this point can help regulate digestion, boost immunity function, and energy levels

Governing Vessel 20- Bui Hui (hundred meetings) 

Stimulation on this point can help boost your mood and clear your mind

Lung 1- Zong Fu (central palace) 

Stimulation on this point can help regulate your immune system function and balance your body

How to do Acupressure at Home

There are various ways to stimulate your body with acupressure, and all acupressure can be performed at home, only taking a few minutes. 



Find a comfortable place to sit and begin deep breathing to prepare your body and mind to relax.

Apply pressure

Use steady, gentle pressure on the selected area, and you might feel a gentle ache or discomfort, but it should not be painful. Start with light pressure and gradually increase until you reach a desired sensation. 



Tapping is a method of using your fingertips to resolve some health symptoms in specified sites. Use steady, gentle tapping pressure on the selected area, and you might feel a gentle ache or discomfort, but it should not be painful. Start with light tapping and gradually increase until you reach a desired sensation. 


As you are applying pressure or tapping, it's essential to focus your attention on the selected area and try to relax your mind by taking slow, deep breaths. Slow, deep breaths are great for mindfulness and enhancing bodily sensations. Holding or tapping selected areas should only be 30 seconds to 2 minutes.