March 7, 2023
by Delaney

Spring : Seasonal Shift May Impact Your Sleep

Daylight savings time is shortly approaching us, and spring is almost here! Who’s ready for warmer weather, spring showers, flowers blooming, birds chirping, and turning away from the long winter days?  

Did you know in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there are (5) seasons: Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each season corresponds with different guides and allocates changes toward the movement of nature around us and how our bodies respond to seasonal shifts. 

Typically, spring is the time to shine and start looking deeper into growth and renewal around us. Think about it this way, just like trees and plants begin to grow, trying to reach the sky, we (individuals) need to let go and start to renew! 

Since a seasonal shift is about to occur, sometimes seasonal changes can impact our sleep…which can lead to insomnia. Whenever there is a season shift, our sleep patterns are often disturbed. 

How Can Acupuncture Help with Sleep Patterns? 

Acupuncture helps with insomnia, restless nights, overly active nightmares, and dreams in many ways, such as assisting in: 

  • - Falling asleep quickly 
  • - Staying asleep 
  • - Waking up refreshed 
  • - Not waking up groggy 
  • - More restful sleep 
  • - Relaxation 
  • - Enhance mood 
  • - Improve emotions 
  • - Feeling energized


Acupuncture appointments and finding healthy habits for maximizing ways to renew our bodies can be started by harmonizing with seasonal shifts and establishing activities. People are prone to stay in all winter and often stay up late hours, such as watching an extra hour to finish their last favorite episode. It's time to get some fresh air and expand our flexibility to reduce pain/inflammation/get the blood circulating efficiently. 


Ways to Improve Sleeping Patterns at Home Along With Acupuncture Sessions


  • - 1 hour before bedtime, shut off lights & electronic screens 
  • - Read a book, dot down some goals, or do some journaling in bed w/ a night lamp or candle 
  • - Blackout your bedroom (blackout curtains are recommended)
  • - Sit down and meditate for 5 - 10 minutes before bedtime (you will begin to relax and wind down)  
  • - Avoid eating a heavy meal before bedtime
  • - Avoid consuming alcohol before bedtime
  • - Practice deep and heavy breathing 
  • - Wear light and comfortable clothing
  • - Head to bed before 10 pm because between the hours of 10 pm - 2 am are the  best hours for rejuvenation, regulating circadian rhythms, and enhancing the healing recovery


Acupuncture can help give you the best chance of staying healthy. Pushing off sleep when our bodies are tired can interrupt our circadian rhythms, which is the most important thing to prepare our bodies for springtime.

For better health, looking at nature and incorporating proper nourishment to enhance our energies is vital.

Great Foods During The Spring Season (think colors)


- Green: zucchini, broccoli, spirulina, parsley, kale, collard greens, Swiss chard, arugula, spinach, mustard greens, sprouts, cilantro, kiwi (Green has rich nutrients and sunlight, which will help restore the rejuvenation of the liver) 


- Red: radishes, red peppers, beets (Red will help nourish the blood and improve circulation) 


- Yellow: lemons, limes, grapefruit, banana (Yellow is helpful for digestion by cutting fats and toxins that may be stored up during the winter and will assist the liver with a new balance)


- Orange: orange, carrots (Orange assists the liver by regulating vital energy throughout the body) 


- Protein: whitefish, shrimp, eggs (Protein helps with the healing potential and has excellent sources of omega-3 fats for great blood circulation and reducing inflammation)

No matter what, acupuncture and TCM are great ways to help you transition from winter to spring. We want to empower you to make some steps in your health to have a long healthy, sustainable life. Whether you are angry, restless, moody, or much more, acupuncture can smooth those feelings and help you get the inner peace and calmness you need. 

Do not hesitate if you feel like a cold is brewing or are sneezing due to allergies; acupuncture will help with congestion, boost your immune system, alleviate headache pain, and more with regular, consistent acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture does not cure or fix health problems overnight but decreases symptoms you may experience over time with regular appointments. 

Let us help you this spring and avoid the seasonal shift; you can do this!