August 5, 2022
by Delaney

Reminder to Stay Hydrated – Dehydration Leads to Fatigue and Headaches

Have you noticed you have been feeling sluggish or tired recently? Then it could mean that you may be dehydrated! We always hear recommendations to drink eight (8) glasses of water per day or we are at least 70% made of water, so we need water. But it is important to understand that hydration is very important!  

Nearly all body functions are about fluid balance, and even small changes can affect our performance and daily lives, such as not drinking enough throughout the day. Did you know that dehydration can lead to fatigue, headaches, and even chronic fatigue syndrome? 

When our bodies are dehydrated, fluids levels and blood volume tend to drop, which means as a result, our hearts are working so much harder. If the heart works harder, then the heart will have a difficult time supplying the needed nutrients and oxygen to our skin and muscles, which correlates with blood flow restriction and circulation.  




Dehydration is caused by the absence of an insufficient amount of water in your body. When our bodies experience dehydration, individuals are prone to tension in their tissues, muscles, and organs. 

As dehydration continues to progress, individuals will experience issues with blood circulation such as muscle cramps, light-headedness, fatigue, and headaches. Dehydration is considered one of the prominent triggers for migraines. 

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But Why Do We Need to Drink Water Every Day? 


- Assists in removing toxins through urine

- Water has vital nutrients for every cell of the body

- Regulates our internal temperature by respiration and sweating 

- Normalizes blood pressure 

- Aids the digestive system

- Preventing constipation 

- Cushions the brain, spinal cord, and fetus




Typically, experts suggest drinking a minimum of eight to twelve cups of water per day because drinking sufficient amounts of water does not restrict blood flow or circulation within our bodies but actually detoxes toxins out of our tissues and into our bloodstream. 

In order for our bodies to work properly, we must intake the essential need for water to prevent dehydration. Drinking pure, clean water is more vital than other beverages. Beverages like coffee, soft drinks, tea, fruit juices, and alcohol are processed and can cause our bodies to become more dehydrated. 

If you are a migraine sufferer and experience fatigue during the summer, please ensure to follow a hydration routine. Adding acupuncture to your wellness journey is very beneficial for reclaiming your health and preventing chronic diseases. Trust me, your body will thank you for all the self-care!