June 11, 2020
by Gareth Ellis

Rebounding: Bounce Your Way to Amazing Health!

Lately everywhere I looked someone was telling me to try rebounding as a way to get healthy.  I had no clue what they were talking about, so finally I googled it and realized they were saying, just jump on a trampoline!  Really?  We have a small kid version at home already, so I started bouncing and wow, yeah, my kids are on to something, this feels really good.  So of course as the nerd that I am, I needed to research the benefits of rebounding to motivate me.  So here goes!

1. Rebounding moves your lymph
Your lymphatic system surrounds every cell, carrying nutrients to it and carrying away waste products.  In fact, your body contains three times as much lymphatic fluid as blood.  But your lymphatic system has no pump like the heart is to the blood, making it totally dependent on movement and exercise to circulate.  Lymph moves through vessels that run up and down from the legs & arms to the torso, so the up and down movement of the rebounder is ideal for stimulating the movement of this crucial fluid.  

2. It benefits your immune system
The motion of rebounding causes immune cells like T-Lymphocytes and macrophages to be up to five times as active.  The job description of these cells includes eating up bacteria, viruses and even cancer cells.  So helping them along and preventing them from being stagnant will directly enhance your immune system.

3. Stimulates cellular detoxificationI've heard people call rebounding cellercise, because of the beneficial effects it has on nourishing and cleansing ALL of the cells in the body.  This effect is due to the gravitational force (G-force) that is placed on the body with each movement.  When jumping up, the cells engage, at the top of the bounce have a moment of weightlessness and then accelerate when descending.  This works to quicken the movement of oxygen, nutrients, hormones, enzymes and wastes through the cells, for complete cellular cleansing.

4. It can improve your eyesight!
Rebounding helps strengthen your ocular nerves and muscles (eye muscles are very weak). What other exercise or piece of home gym equipment can workout your eyes?  It can also benefit the lymphatic flow to the eye by stimulating the movement of it's fluid.

5.  Strengthens Digestion and Enhances Elimination
The digestive peristalsis is re-calibrated and improved by a regular rebound practice.  Just maybe don't bounce on a full tummy!

Other reasons that rebounding is great includes:
-Low impact on joints and bone
-Strengthens the heart muscle and improves circulation
-Tones the endocrine system, especially the thyroid, to increase output
-Lowers blood pressure

So are you ready to bounce?!  I decided to buy a new mini-trampoline instead of using my kids' trampoline and will attach the link to the one I bought on Amazon.  Prices vary widely, but I decided to start with a lower cost rebounder.  It was less than $40 and seems good to me.