October 2, 2023
by Delaney

Get Ahead of The Game: Prepare Your Body for Seasonal Changes

As the days go by, the air becomes cooler. It is the time to reflect on our inner selves and prepare our bodies for the long winter months. The month of October is to celebrate Acupuncturists and Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM has been established for over 2000 years and is universally used in healthcare practices today.

Many practitioners today use acupuncture techniques and herbal medicines to treat various health conditions. Furthermore, studies have found the effectiveness and efficiency of acupuncture treatments as a modality that reduces, eliminates, or alleviates health issues. 

Our goal at Acupuncture Connections is to determine the root cause of issues and provide educational resources to help you live a long, sustainable lifestyle. We identify key areas of lifestyle medicines and encourage ways to implement N.E.S.T. (nutrition, exercise, sleep, thoughts/talk) in your daily routine that is accessible and manageable. In addition, our practitioners will continue to restore your body to its health function to assist you in achieving your health and wellness goals. 


Your Healing Process Role

To take steps in your health to implement N.E.S.T and establish healthy habits to achieve higher levels of health. Most health conditions are preventative, and it's essential to understand that lifestyle choices contribute to developing diseases. Adding acupuncture to your health care can significantly make a difference in your health.


Fall Immunity Support Remedies

If you are prone to getting sick or catching common colds, we have the right herbal medicines to enhance your immune system.


Dao Labs Immunity Support (Yu Ping Feng San)

This herbal blend protects and prevents your body from airborne pathogens. The effects of taking this product will leave you feeling strong and revitalized to keep you healthy and doing what you do best.

immunity support dao labs products

The Double Duos; Dao Labs Cold Season Needs (Gan Mao Tong Yong Fang and Zhi Sou San)

These bundles are amazing for restoring our bodies by mobilizing the body’s innate resilience to the cold season. Both products will battle and address common symptoms. 

Ever heard of “head cold”? This product is meant for you without the drowsy and groggy feeling from over-the-counter cold season syrups. We recommend these bundles to help get your body back in motion by making you feel rejuvenated better than ever.

bounce back and breathe clear dao labs product

Fall Emotional Balance Remedies

In the transition of summer to fall, we are prone to having difficulty letting go and starting new beginnings. Understanding our bodies and taking this time to bring our minds in harmony can be easy, not hard.


Emotional Balance (Xiao Yao San)

Try this recommended herbal blend to help reduce stress, bring calmness, and eliminate built-up energies that cause you to hold back. The tasty product helps smooth irritated nerves, making each day positive. 

The benefits of this product are unique and will have you feeling refreshed by managing stress. As we all know, life is never easy and a never-ending battle; having these pouches is great for on-the-go, as-needed basis.

Dao Labs emotional balance product

Fall Tips For Gaining Mental Structure



Deep breathing is a great exercise to relieve stress and enhance relaxation to improve our moods, energy levels, and blood circulation. Taking steps gradually daily can help the body restore its natural balance by calming our nervous systems.


What are the health benefits of deep breathing? 

  • - Boost energy levels 
  • - Decrease emotional outbursts/irritabilities 
  • - Reduce muscle tension 
  • - Promote relaxation 
  • - Improves stress
  • - Lowers blood pressure
  • - Relieves pain


Types of Deep-Breathing

  • - 4-7-8
  • - Belly breathing
  • - Lion’s breathing 
  • - Box breathing 
  • - Nostril breathing


If you need more information, please read our latest blog 



Mediation is paying attention to our inner bodies by being more aware and focusing on the mind for mental clarity and emotional stability.


What are the health benefits of meditation?

  • - Improved self-awareness
  • - Reduce negative thoughts
  • - Lower symptoms of depression
  • - Enhance better focus/memories
  • - Decrease stress
  • - Increase relaxation 
  • - Promotes emotional health 
  • - Improves sleep 
  • - Helps control pain


Recommended App: Insight Timer



Grounding is a therapeutic technique that can reconnect you to the earth. Grounding creates a balance between inner and outer awareness by creating practices on grounding our energies to create stability. 


What are the health benefits of grounding?

  • - Reduce inflammation 
  • - Decrease fatigue levels 
  • - Improve mood
  • - Reduce sleep disturbances
  • - Decrease blood pressure levels
  • - Lower pain levels


Types of grounding

  • - Lying on the ground
  • - Walking barefoot
  • - Submersing in water
  • - Use grounding alternatives such as socks, mats, & many more. 



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