June 11, 2020
by Gareth Ellis

Fall Reboot Time!

I don't always say this, but everyone is 'off' right now.  People are tired, not eating well, not exercising, fighting off a cold and just too stressed with their routine.  Anyone out there feel that way?  

I'll admit it, I would definitely put myself in the above category with everyone else.  Fall is overwhelming when you have kids, work, get less sunlight and adjust to colder temperatures.  Therefore I proclaim that it is time for a FALL REBOOT!  I'm not calling it a cleanse, because frankly, I just don't want to label it that way.  This reboot is a set week (I'm starting monday) to commit to getting your body and mind back on track.  

We are all different and inspired in our own unique way, but this is what my plan is for the next week, and possibly longer:

1.  Wake up and drink an abundance of lemon water, stretch and meditate 10 minutes before my shower.  Write in my gratitude journal.  Check out the 5 minute journal for info about this amazing little book.  

2. Eat Clean:  my plan is going to include morning green smoothies, ayurvedic kitchari, crock pot soups and stews.  I still plan to drink one cup of coffee in the morning because I'm not going to be ridiculous!!  I'm cutting out all sugar and processed food from my diet but not defining the particulars too strictly.  If it comes in a box, I'm going to try not to eat it.

If you haven't tried kitchari, I highly recommend it.  It's delicious, nourishing and cleansing according to ayurvedic traditions.  Below is a really good recipe you can try.  I plan to replace the white rice with brown, but otherwise it's perfect.  Visiting a local asian market can help with getting some of the ingredients.

3. Movement:  I'm purposely not calling it exercise, because my main goal is to walk, stretch and move more in nature.  Fresh air is key to this part of the plan.

If you are inspired to also do a reboot, let me know so we can all support each other in shifting into a healthy, vibrant fall season!