February 13, 2023
by Delaney

Can Acupuncture Help With Sexual Health?

Did you know that acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have great approaches toward your own sexual health and well-being? 

Sexual health can be a sensitive topic for some individuals, but there is nothing to hide or feel embarrassed about when talking about our sex lives. Many people make fewer efforts to get dressed up and strut their peacock feathers nowadays. “Sexual problems are common in both females and males and can occur at any age…In the United States, approximately 40 percent of females have sexual concerns, and 12 percent report distressing sexual problems (Shifren, 2022, para. 1)”. The “mating dance” has definitely lessened over the past years due to the pandemic, political issues, family/friends, and/or work obligations because of other coping mechanisms such as smoking, substance use, alcohol, and overeating.

In TCM, issues related to sexual function, hormone function, sex drive, or sex organs, etc., usually refers to “liver yin deficiency” and “kidney jing deficiency”. Therefore, how TCM and acupuncture work together is influenced by physical, emotional, and psychological factors. Meaning our body needs to be in sync for healthy sexual health and well-being by making time to cultivate love, taking small steps, and nourishing our bodies correctly.


What Does “Liver Yang Excess or Liver Yin Deficiency” & “Kidney Jing Deficiency” Mean?

Liver Yin Deficiency” means in sexual health that there is not enough support for sexual function and the lack of sexual energy. 

Kidney Jing Deficiency” means in sexual health that there is not enough support within the kidneys such as reproduction, bone maintenance, hormonal health, the control flow of urine and sexual influences such as fluids.


How Acupuncture & TCM Addresses Sexual Health 

Acupuncture enhances the body by stimulating our body’s natural responses by determining underlying issues in sexual health. Acupuncture addresses the body by…..

  1. Improving blood circulation to help you reach an orgasm by enhancing your senses including your response to sensual touches or settings 
  2. Increasing sperm mobility/motility in men
  3. Enhancing sexual energy/sex drives through balancing hormones
  4. Amplifying sexual influences 
  5. Balancing hormones by improving sleep patterns, managing menstrual cycles, and regulating emotions
  6. Relieving stress by restoring balance and boosting your mood that makes you feel more relaxed, more zen

because in TCM its important to have a balance within our physical, emotional, and psychological elements within the body.


What Not To Do

  1. Avoid drinking alcohol & smoking such as marijuana or cigarettes because it reduces sperm count
  2. Avoid stress as much as possible, take some time for yourself and rewind a little
  3. Saliva and certain lubricants may prevent sperm reaching the cervix
  4. Avoid vigorous exercises, do light exercises 3/4x per week
  5. Refrain from sex when stressed out, exhausted, or moody
  6. Sexual activity should be avoided when: recovering from chronic illness, emotionally unstable, drunk, full, or hungry



  1. Eat more clams, sea cucumbers, oysters, and lamb
  2. Consume adequate amounts of Vitamin C & E such as almonds, sunflower seeds, germ oil, peanuts, soybeans, and asparagus. 
  3. Consume amounts of Zinc such as shellfish, oysters, beef, cashews, shrimp, pumpkin seeds, and mushrooms but only in moderation because these types of foods contain high levels of cholesterol
  4. Increase the consumption of rich foods in niacin such as peanut butter, avocado, fish, and eggs


Ways to Spice-Up Your Sex Life

  1. Try on new clothes or lingerie and do a little fashion show!
  2. Temperature play by using ice or heat within your partner’s erogenous zones such as neck, earlobes, stomach, etc. 
  3. Use toys because toys bring a range of different feelings that your partner might enjoy.
  4. Blindfolding, try different textures and see how your partner will react!
  5. Massage, for the sake of giving and relaxation only because “happy endings” are too extreme but focus on your partner’s body parts that make them feel relaxed and good. 
  6. Self-love, focus on yourself and learn what you like. This will help with building confidence to tell your partner what feels good and what doesn’t.
  7. Take it easy, and enjoy! Keep it natural and feisty, do not rush..it is not a race! 


No matter what, acupuncture is great and has so many benefits for your health. Not only are you getting customized treatments specific to your health needs, but you are also getting the relaxation you need towards restoring the body to thrive again. Acupuncture and TCM are powerful medicines that should be included into your lifestyle practices because by taking small steps and having this type of medicine in your routine will lead you towards higher levels of health.

Reconnecting with ourselves will definitely help gain power and balance. With the amazing natural power and balances that TCM brings to restore your health…will promote well-being, minimize illnesses and enhance our sexual potential.