Shawn is an expert licensed massage therapist that has been practicing for over 13 years and earned advanced training at Central Mass School of Massage & Therapy Inc. 

Shawn has always enjoyed helping others through massage and providing his expertise skills in facilitating clients' goals towards wellness, enhancing mobility, and relieving body tension while creating a safe environment. 

Some of the techniques that Shawn has mastered are reflexology, positional release therapy, integrated therapeutic massage, neuromuscular therapy, and many more

Shawn’s mission is to bring relaxation, relief, and support others on their healing journey, leading toward a healthier, sustainable life. His positional release specialty will take away tension, improve range of motion, and help heal throughout the body. We are excited to have this devoted father, husband, grandfather, and farmer into the clinic.

  • Shawn will be accepting clients starting August and will exceed your expectations.