When exercising or playing sports…accidents and injuries are prone to happen. We all want the fastest recovery whenever injuries occur, but sometimes our bodies cannot do that. In healthcare practices, any injury-related issues rely instantly on painkillers or opioids for pain. 


Type of orthopedic/sport-related injuries Acupuncture supports:


  • - Sprains/strains 
  • - Dislocation
  • - Fractures
  • - Tennis elbow 
  • - Stress fractures 
  • - Shin splints 
  • - Hamstring strain 
  • - Heel inflammation 
  • - Groin pull 
  • - Back pain 
  • - Knee pain 
  • - Shoulder pain 
  • - Neck pain 
  • - Hip pain
  • - Foot pain & many more


Acupuncture has shown excellent results in helping a wide range of orthopedic/sports-related issues, such as:


  • - Aids tight and tense muscles
  • - Alleviate pain 
  • - Enhance performance enhancement 
  • - Increase range of motion in joints
  • - Reduce muscle spasms or strains 
  • - Reduce stress
  • - Improve blood circulation 
  • - Decrease inflammation 
  • - Speeds up the healing process 
  • - Increase muscle strength 
  • - Promotes recovery


Taking painkillers is only a temporary fix, and it doesn’t discover the root cause of the issue but can turn into a deeper health problem if ignored. Acupuncture treatments evaluate musculoskeletal conditions by targeting internal and external patterns within the body by discovering imbalances. 


In the event, that surgery is necessary, acupuncture can alleviate pain to reduce the need for painkiller medications, speed recovery, and improve rehabilitation outcomes. Give acupuncture a try and begin your healing journey with us today; click  below to book now!

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