When exercising or playing sports to maintain health, accidents and injuries are prone to
happen. However, when injuries occur, we all want the fastest recovery but our bodies does not
operate like that. In healthcare practices, any injury related issues instantly reply on painkillers
or opioids, which is only a temporary fix. By only relying on heavy medications, the temporary
fix can turn into a deeper health problem in the future! Acupuncture treatments evaluates
musculoskeletal conditions by targeting internal and external patterns within the body.


“Acupuncture is used as a “physical therapy” to release the muscular, skeletal and emotional
holding patterns that are the root causes of tension, pain, postural asymmetries, the precursors
of injury, and the residues of internal disease” (Kristin Lundeen, 2015).


Acupuncture tips for athletes:


1) promotes recovery from injuries
2) speeds up the healing process by relieving pain
3) increases muscle strength
4) promotes blood circulation
5) reduces inflammation in the body
6) enhances energy & mobility
7) decreases strains and muscle tightness