Acupuncture has shown great results in helping ease the mind, increase relaxation, and promote sleep by decreasing stress for a wide range of issues, such as:


  • - Insomnia 
  • - Sleep disturbances 
  • - Restless legs syndrome 
  • - Depression 
  • - Anxiety 
  • - Irregular sleep patterns


A good night’s rest is the most powerful medicine mentally, physically, and emotionally. On multiple occasions, physicians are prone to use long-term drugs for those suffering from insomnia. However, the long-term use of prescriptions can adversely affect our bodies. Therefore, integrating acupuncture and herbal formula is an excellent combination for sleep disturbances, sleep disorders, and insomnia through invasive and noninvasive treatments.


Acupuncture works by:


  • - Strengthen the immune system 
  • - Regulating emotional imbalances 
  • - Decrease fatigue 
  • - Reduce restless sleep 
  • - Increase sleep quality 
  • - Decrease stress levels 
  • - Alleviating pain


Many patients are unaware that many patterns of liver depression “Qi Stagnation” is the underlying factor in sleep disturbances. To begin your healing journey with us or if you are curious about acupuncture, please click below to start now!

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