Insomnia is one of the most common diseases in modern society, around 15% to 30% of adults and 10% to 23% of adolescents worldwide have different degrees of insomnia” (Zhang, M., et al., 2019).

The important role of sleep and insomnia can cause deficiency in the immune system and overall health. Many patients are not aware that many patterns of liver depression “Qi Stagnation” is the underlying factor to sleep disturbances. A good night’s rest is the most powerful medicine mentally, physically, and emotionally. In multiple occasions, physicians are prone to utilize long-term usage of drugs for those that suffer insomnia. However, the long-term usage of prescriptions can have adverse effects on our bodies. Therefore, the integration of acupuncture and herb formula is a great combination for sleep disturbances, disorders, and insomnia through invasive and noninvasive treatments.

Insomnia affects the body in many ways such as:

1) Negative emotion/mood swings
2) Tension
3) Anxiety
4) Cognitive Decline
5) Fatigue
6) Social Interactions & more