Headaches and migraines are considered one of the most difficult pains to deal with. The World Health Organization shares key insights on migraines among people, "Migraine is the third most common disease in the world, affecting 1 out of every 7 people globally." (WHO, 2019). 


Acupuncture has demonstrated beneficial results for:


  • - Tension Headache 
  • - Cluster Headache
  • - Migraine Headache
  • - Hypnic Headache 


Even though acupuncture can be used to relieve pain from migraines or headaches, the most effective use of acupuncture is migraine prevention. Ways Acupuncture helps with migraines are: 


  • - Improves the immune system 
  • - Alleviates pain 
  • - Promotes blood circulation 
  • - Reduces stress
  • - Regulates blood pressure 
  • - Decrease nausea 
  • - Relaxes muscle tightness and tension 
  • - Promotes relaxation
  • - Reduces headache frequencies 
  • - Prevents migraines from developing


Even though there is no cure for migraines, the effects of acupuncture shown in research studies beneficial results on the effectiveness of treatments than common drugs prescribed to treat migraines or headaches. If you are interested and would like to begin your healing journey now, please click below!

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