Chronic Pain

In health practices, ineffective medical treatments and approaches for chronic patients usually result in pain medication or opioids. Many patients often indicate poor pain management received and are unsatisfied with their provider because of the inability to determine the root cause or care for their chronic pain conditions.


Type of Chronic pain conditions Acupuncture helps:


  • - Low back pain 
  • - Sciatica pain
  • - Neck pain 
  • - Shoulder pain 
  • - Leg pain 
  • - Knee pain 
  • - Foot pain 
  • - Hand/Finger pain 
  • - Abdominal pain 
  • - Jaw pain 
  • - Elbow pain 
  • - Hip pain 
  • - Toe pain 
  • - Ankle pain 
  • - Chest pain 
  • - Eye pain 
  • - Ear pain & many more


If chronic pain is ignored, pain can cause inflammation that can contribute to the development of other diseases and may restrict you from living the highest quality of life you deserve. Standard treatments for chronic pain are focused on physical therapy, ice or heat, pain medication or anti-inflammatory medications. Whereas acupuncture and Chinese herbs are beneficial for the best healing potential and increasing your quality of life.


Ways Acupuncture helps with chronic pain:


  • - Decreasing inflammation 
  • - Boost energy levels 
  • - Balance hormones 
  • - Regulate immunity 
  • - Restore the digestive system 
  • - Improve circulation 
  • - Enhance organ function 
  • - Regulate body temperature 
  • - Pain relief 
  • - Increase mobility 


Adding acupuncture along with combined therapies such as herbal supplements, massage therapy, nutrition, and more works may be in your favor towards a better well-being. Do not let pain control you!


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