Anxiety/Mental Health

More and more individuals are seeking proven, natural medicine such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help treat mental illnesses instead of pharmaceutical medications. Acupuncture treatments release endorphins in our bodies, which are natural pain killers that provides the boost we need to our brain! Therefore, acupuncture can be an integrative approach towards treating mental illnesses.

One type of acupuncture is Electroacupuncture, which is a mild electric current transmission through needles, can have almost the same effect as prescribed medication in depressive symptoms. However, treatments of mental health conditions consist of nourishing the blood according to patients’ prevalence of deficiencies to strengthen the spleen, and targeting various points in our body to stimulate blood circulation into our tissues.

In addition, there are multiple research studies that provide effective resources that acupuncture significantly targets various points for depressive relief.

Some reasons why acupuncture is beneficial:

1) Alternative to medications “Heal the Natural Way”
2) Increases endorphins
3) Reduces inflammation
4) Increases energy levels (mood boost)
5) Acupuncture is very relaxing