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Join us in our mission to change the health of our community by empowering you and your families with proactive natural healthcare and knowledge to live well!


Take the Next Steps in Your Career

Acupuncture Connections is dedicated to providing quality care to the Metrowest region and surrounding communities. Our goal is to build a community of ambitious, motivated health professionals at AC to lead patients’ wellness care by encouraging them to take steps with lifestyle medicine to enhance their quality of life.


Why Consider Acupuncture Connections

Acupuncture Connections is an exciting place to build a career, offering the opportunity to work in a team-oriented environment that values all our staff members’ important contributions. Additionally, Acupuncture Connections offers:


  • Rewarding work: You’ll have the privilege of helping others improve their health and well-being, making a meaningful difference in their lives.


  • Growing demand: With increasing interest in holistic health approaches, the demand for alternative services is on the rise, offering ample career opportunities.


  • Continuous learning: Alternative health and healthcare systems continually evolve, offering opportunities for ongoing learning and professional development through workshops, seminars, and continuing educational programs.


  • Positive impact: Acupuncture Connections empowers individuals to take control of their health and well-being, promoting a sense of empowerment and positive change for patients and practitioners alike.


The Recruitment Process

At Acupuncture Connections, we know that good people make a good organization. That’s why our management team takes the time to review all applications and select the most promising, motivated individuals.

Our recruitment process generally follows these steps:


  • – Apply online or through our website.


  • – Receive an auto-reply email confirming the application has been received. Please be sure email addresses are listed accurately.


  • – A team member will review your application for the skills, experience, and knowledge required for the position.


  • – If you match the position’s needs, a member may contact you via email or phone to discuss the position and/or schedule an interview.

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