• Your body talks 

    Your life story impacts your body’s health and gradually it becomes more and more out of balance until it starts talking to you loud enough for you to pay attention! Our job is to understand your unique story and how it has impacted your health.

  • Your first treatment! 

    You had your 1st treatment; we taught you about what we found, and the next step is to have you feeling better! The acupuncture will teach your body how to re-learn its optimal function and innate ability to heal.

  • Expectations 

    We want you to pay attention to changes in your life by taking small steps to achieve higher levels of health. You may begin to notice "subtle changes" in your health. Once your symptoms are relieved at 80% better in 3 visits in a row, that's when the correction stage starts to happen. High-frequency visits are recommended


  • Your symptoms 

    Your symptoms are changing, which now means that small lifestyle changes you have been doing are helping and are good signs that your body is healing naturally.

  • Our goal 

    We will continue to work on the root cause of the problem until your body can hold a new balance.

  • Expectations 

    Once your body can hold a new balance without no symptoms, wellness care takes place, and treatment frequency will be less.


  • Your goal 

    Acupuncture helped you regain your body's ability to heal itself and now it's time to thrive! You have put in the time, energy, and investment into your health.

  • Benefits 

    Acupuncture has many health benefits that will help prevent and maintain the progress we have made!

  • Expectations 

    People report fewer illnesses and a greater sense of well-being with regular acupuncture treatments. Our goal is to empower you to continue to make small changes in your life to achieve your health and wellness goals! Treatment frequency will be less: Biweekly or Weekly