Our workshops are specifically designed to create sustainable change in your life! 


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Restore Workshop

Sleep is one of the most important tools your body uses to heal itself and unfortunately poor sleep is one of the most common concerns our patients have. Anyone who has issues with sleep can tell you, getting a good night’s sleep can be life-changing. We can help you tip the balance in your favor by decoding sleep, identifying potential obstacles, and building a healthy nighttime routine to ensure that whatever time you have tucked away for sleep is the most restful and productive.*

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Nourish Workshop

Food is your first medicine so it is instrumental to make sure it is as supportive and nourishing as possible. Our nutrition class will decode your health and how it is impacted by your food according to traditional Chinese medicine.*

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Momentum Workshop

Drawing from the popular book entitled, ‘The Slight Edge’, written by Jeff Olson, this seminar is focused on the power of small, attainable changes in your everyday life to accomplish life goals. You will be able to identify goals and, more importantly, build a plan to achieve them; the key is consistency.

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Inspire Workshop

Many people pride themselves on being able to go from 0mph to 60mph without a hitch but how many can say the same about going from 60mph back to 0mph? Being able to take a step out of the stressful torrent of life is an essential skill to restart and reboot our system. We will provide you with techniques to hit the ‘pause’ button on life through simple breathing, meditative, and mindfulness practices that can be done anywhere.*

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Healing Your Body From the Outside-In & Inside-Out

Your body is designed to heal and correct pain when it happens. If the body is stuck in a loop of chronic pain it is necessary to look at the entire system inside and out to identify corrections that need to be made. In this class we will look at many ways to improve pain and your health overall through nutrition and self-care strategies. *

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Circulate Workshop

Movement and flow in the body is instrumental in staying healthy and pain-free. In Chinese medicine pain is a result of impeded movement in the body. We will cover easy techniques to help you manage the aches and pains common in the work place and daily life.*

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Balance Workshop

This class is all about hormones: regulation, balance, and coordination. We will touch upon the major hormones, how they work within your body, what happens when they are off and how we can put them back on track. *

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Workshops are FREE with all membership plans! Workshops from guest speakers are separate. Take these workshops repeatedly, your mind will expand more each time!