New to Acupuncture

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Start improving your health immediately with our New Patient Special!

Within these 2 sessions, we will know if we can help you meet your health and wellness goals through acupuncture. If we cannot help you, we will be happy to refer you to other care options for your wellness.

New Patient Special  

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TWO 90-min sessions PLUS
TWO Acugraph readings to measure your progress
*If you have any pre-exisiting conditions or devices, please see our GENERAL FAQ for treatment contraindications

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In order for us to understand your body's rate of healing, these two sessions must be completed within 7 days

What to Expect in Your First TWO Sessions 

 First Visit:

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Your body talks:  Your life story impacts your body’s health and gradually it becomes more and more out of balance until it starts talking to you loud enough for you to pay attention!  Our job is to understand your unique story and how it has impacted your health.

Measure:  Here we learn about your body by utilizing both modern science (Acugraph) and traditional diagnosis methods (tongue and pulse diagnosis).

Your first treatment!  Change begins with the very first treatment.  The acupuncture will start teaching your body how to re-learn its optimal function and its innate ability to heal.


 Second Visit: Part 1

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The Report of Findings:  Class is in session and this is where we explain to you why your body is talking to you!

Goal:  You will gain a thorough understanding of why you are feeling the way you are by explaining your report-of-findings to you.  Also, you will see how your body has begun to change after your first treatment.


 Second Visit: Part 2

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Are you a good candidate for acupuncture?  Today we will let you know if we can help you. If we see positive changes in your symptoms, changes in your AcuGraphs and if you would like to work together to change your health, we will recommend a treatment plan that will include lifestyle, nutritional/herbal and behavior changes that will immediately begin to impact your health. 

Your second treatment!  Continue to build on our progress and start the cumulative benefit that acupuncture provides.