Kids Acupuncture

Kids Acupuncture Steps of Care

Step One:

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This initial session allows us to find imbalances in your child's body and it helps us determine if regular acupuncture or light therapy treatment is better for your child

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 Step Two:

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Is your child thriving?   Our bodies are designed to heal but even at a young age, children can start to develop imbalances in their bodies that effect their health and can accumulate into adulthood. Signs that imbalances are beginning in the body are: frequent colds, allergies, and mood issues to name a few. Regular acupuncture treatments help the body correct itself and heal and grow as it is designed to do! 

Monitor:  We continue to monitor with the AcuGraph to make sure imbalances are not developing.

Your child's first treatment!  Change begins with the very first treatment.  The acupuncture will start teaching your child's body how to re-learn its optimal function and its innate ability to heal. Acupuncture with needles and Light Therapy are both options for your child. Your practitioner will determine which is best at the first session.


 Step Three:

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Time to thrive!  Your child's imbalances are corrected and now it's time to thrive. We like to check in with your child to make sure that your child's body is on track and working optimally!

Monitor:  We coninue to montior your child's body to ensure imbalances are not developing and your child is healthy!

Benefits of regular acupuncture!  Whether with Light Therapy or acupuncture with needles, kids experience fewer colds, better energy, increased focus in school, and are generally happier!


Acupuncture kids

If your child can do well with needles, you can purchase them a regular membership or package. 


Relief & Corrective Care Light Therapy Options

One Follow-Up Session

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- You have the option of buying 1 session at a time or a series.
- During the relief and corrective care phase, we will treat your child 5 times before the first progress report.

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Kids 5 Session Pack

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- Five Light Therapy acupuncture treatments
- The fifth session will be a progress report that includes an AcuGraph report.

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Wellness Care Light Therapy Options

Children's LiveWell 12 Membership

$50 / mo
One light therapy treatment per MONTH
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