Pricing Details

- TWO 90-minutes consultations and treatments
- TWO AcuGraph Reports

Goal:  we want understand your body and possible imbalances that have developed in your body. We will also be able to determine how your body heals in order to get you back on track and feeling great again!


 Step One:

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Your body talks:  Your life story impacts your body’s health and gradually it becomes more and more out of balance until it starts talking to you loud enough for you to pay attention!  Most people associate massage therapy as a luxury but clinical studies have shown that regular massage should be performed regularly to live and stay well!

How often do I come in?  Higher frequency is very important at the beginning to train your body to correct itself. Your therapist will recommend a plan for you to optimize your healing.


 Step Two:

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What's next?  You're feeling great and now it's time to thrive. Massage can be an incredible part of your wellness strategy if done regularly.

Wellness Workshops:  Take advantage of our wellness workshops to gain access to a wealth of information to upgrade your health! 

Wellness massage options:  Change begins with the very first session.  Whether weekly, every other week or monthly we have massage options for you!