Steps of Care & How We Measure Your Progress

 Step One:

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Your body talks:  Your life story impacts your body’s health and gradually it becomes more and more out of balance until it starts talking to you loud enough for you to pay attention!  Our job is to understand your unique story and how it has impacted your health.

Measure:  Here we learn about your body by utilizing both modern science (AcuGraph) and traditional diagnosis methods (tongue and pulse diagnosis).

Your first treatment!  Change begins with the very first treatment.  The acupuncture will start teaching your body how to re-learn its optimal function and its innate ability to heal.

 Step Two:

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Your goal:  Acupuncture helped you regain your body's ability to heal itself and now it's time to thrive! Acupuncture is a wonderful preventative medicine correcting imbalances regularly before strong imbalances develop. Weekly treatments help your body work optimally so you continually feel great! 

Measure:  We continue to monitor your health by utilizing both modern science (AcuGraph) and traditional diagnosis methods to make sure you stay on track!

Benefits:  With regular acupuncture treatments, people report fewer illnesses and a greater sense of well being. 



If you have any pre-exisiting conditions or devices, please see our GENERAL FAQ for treatment contraindication

With AcuGraph Reports, we will measure how your body responds to acupuncture and how effective it is for you.
We'll find out how well your body is learning this new way of health.

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